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Church Important Announcement

由於業主有新的租客, 限定本會須於九月十五日前搬離現址,在等候新堂落成前,本堂決定八月三十一日(主日)為本會最後一天在現址聚會,九月以後將借用Island Malaysian Cuinese (5115 Spring Mountain Rd. #217, NV 89146) 舉行主日崇拜,時間為上午10:00-11:00,設英語傳譯,會後在該餐廳午膳至12:00,至於兒童及青少年聚會改在同一時間在Stephen Cho 家舉行,小組聚會由各組長決定及通知。另外,八月廿四日及八月三十一日的崇拜改為一堂,上午11:00在現址舉行,亦有英語傳譯,八月三十一日為主餐崇拜。

Because the owner has had a new tenant, we will be required to move out from the present location of our church before Sept. 15. Before the new church has completed the renovation, the board of the church decided that August 31 (Sunday) will be the last day of the present location. We will borrow Island Malaysian Cuinese (5115 Spring Mountain Rd # 217, NV 89146.) to hold Sunday Services for September and onward. The worship will be combined Sunday Services with English translation, from 10:00 AM to 11:00AM. After the service, we will have lunch together in the restaurant until 12:00PM. Also, the children and the youth Sunday services will be moved to Stephen Cho ‘s resident (2970 Montessouri St, Las Vegas NV 89117) held at the same time as Adult Sunday Services. As far as cell group gathering, the leader will decide and notify cell group members separately. In addition, August 24 and 31 will have the combined Sunday Services with English translation starting from 11:00AM still at the present location, . August 31 will be the Lord’s Supper Sunday Service.

This is only temporary arrangement until the new church has completed the renovation. Afterwards, we will have normal gatherhing back to the church.