CBC 拉斯維加斯華人浸信會


Church Announcement

April 3, 2015


Our church will have Good Friday Service on April 3, 2015 at 7:30 pm in our new address to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sin. We’ll have music worship, meditation on the passion part of Jesus Christ through the movie, “The Life of Jesus” and The Lord’s Supper in that night. When you come, we suggest you to fast by skipping one meal in that night to sympathize with the passion of our Lord.

April 5, 2015

Chinese Baptist Church Cordially invite you to our New Church Dedication Worship Service On Easter Sunday, April 5 2015 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at 8705 Lindell Road Ste 150 Las Vegas NV 89139

We shall have Rev. Simon Tsoi (retired senior pastor of First Chinese Baptist of Phoenix) to be our honorable guest speaker and our Senior Pastor Oliver Lung to conduct a baptism for our new converts on that day.

Lunch Reception Immediately following

Please RSVP to Pastor Oliver Lung by March 29, 2015

Tel: (702) 516-5126    Email: oliverlvcbc@gmail.com


本會蒙神帶領及保守,購得新堂址 (8705 Lindell Road Ste 150 Las Vegas NV 89139),期盼於新社區繼續敬拜神及見證主。新堂址裝修業已完成,並定於2015年4月5日上午10:00-中午12:00 於上址舉行復活節新堂奉獻禮崇拜暨浸禮,誠邀 台端出席是次聚會,與我們見證神的恩典並分享主裡的喜樂。

當天將有前鳳凰城第一華人浸信會主任牧師蔡漢良牧師負責證道,並有本堂龍劍偉主任牧師為初信弟兄姊妹施行浸禮, 會後敬備午餐。

如蒙出席,請於2015年3月29日前賜電 (702-516-5126)或電郵 (oliverlvcbc@gmail.com)通知龍劍偉牧師。